Everyday Collection

Hi my dear friends,
thank you so much for your comments here and on my Facebook Fan Page. I´m so happy you liked my design. I really really appreciate it!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and amazing start of the new year.

The winner here on my blog is Jiruska. Congrats and please and email me for your coupon.
Don´t forget to check my facebook fan page for another chance to win the new collection.

New Everyday collection is here. 
One of my the most versatile collection in little different design.
Perfect for so many type of your pages!


Some inspiration for you ...

And as always for first of you I have a free coupons for purchase my new collection
code NatEvblog

I´ll have an additional 5% off sale and special frebbie for you in my newsletter.
You can sign up here.

Be sure to visit my Facebook fan page for another chance to get special coupons!

Have a wonderful week!

5 komentářů:

Jiruska řekl(a)...

Nová kolekce je úžasná... jsem šťastná, že jsem vyhrála, moc moc děkuji!

Maja řekl(a)...

Very, very beautiful work!
Hugs, Maja

Anonymní řekl(a)...

I checked out the page and I can say that the designs were so elegant. I love it especially the ”Fa lala Collection”! It’s nice also that you give special freebies to your followers. People love it when they get free coupons and giveaways. They more likely to trust you when you do things like that! :’)

Shantelle Lapointe

Unknown řekl(a)...

Your FB fan page looks awesome! Your cover photo is the first thing that I noticed. Well, I love the photo you chose. It’s very simple yet it’s like saying that Natali Design really has something great to offer. ;) People would be more curious to know what that is, so they’ll explore your page even more. Nice! You should always keep your page inviting!

Pearlie Cybart

Sage řekl(a)...

I agree with Shantelle that offering coupons and freebies are a sure customer magnet! Who could resist anything that is given for free? By the way, I like your “Everyday Collection” and I’m also wondering if you have designs in blue?

-Sage Aumick