2016 Calendar Collection

Hello my dear blogger friends,

I am here with a new calendar collection as every year.



now only for 10.90 dollars

with special BONUSES :

  •  a set of backgrounds which I used for my QP ...
  • a set of versatile Calendar 2015 Journal Cards
  • a set of first / covered pages for your calendars

My calendar collection is one of my most versatile products and a 'must have' item !

I always try to design useful, easy-to-use products.
The overlays
allow you to make any type of your calendar pages or standard scrapbooking pages, making them personal, unique and truly yours.

  This 2016 Calendar Collection is perfect for any type of calendar project and can also be used for different layout and page topics.

Photographers - please email me if you want to use this collection for our photography bussiness.

And I have (I´ll add very soon) a lot of Quick Pages for you, too - Czech or English.

Please check to shop.

12 different overlays - each comes in several versions


most of them are available in English, German, Czech, Slovak


a lot of different types, daily versions are available in English, French, German, Czech and Slovak


different frames, masks, brushes allow variability for your Calendar projects



perfect for your project life pocket or any other scrapbooking project.

Cards are available in Czech and English in two weekly format (mo-su and su-sa).

All comes with white backgrounds or with transparent backgrounds - as .png files

I have to tell you that I really enjoying the great variability. I´m so happy with the results. I really hope you´ll  like it. See what is possible to create. 

Some inspiration for you :

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Have an amazing week!
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