2014 Calendar Clusters and Weekly Calendars

Hi my dear blogger friends,
I´m here with some new products and news ....

All my calendars templates inc. Calendar 2014 collection are available for you bussiness NOW.
Please email me vendula.sediva(@)gmail.com if you want to use any of my templates.
The price for you is 20 - 30 dollars per template.
I´m sure that your customers´ll love those calendars with your awesome photos.
I would like to show you my new 
 which are perfect for your calendar, 365 or any other project. 
Pack includes 27 beautiful clusters !!! in two versions (with and without frame). 
So versatile and useful.


 28 amazing Calendar Quick Pages in Czech with color backgrounds

  28 amazing Calendar Quick Pages in Czech with WHITE backgrounds


I´ll have an additional 5% off sale and special free coupons for you in my newsletter.
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Have a wonderful days!


2 komentáře:

Mary Ann řekl(a)...

I never received the newsletter after the overlays. I kept thinking that you were just running late, but now with this new offer, I don't know what to think. I checked all my places at my e-mail address (junk and trash and inbox) every day. I just tried to sign up again and it said that I was already signed up. Your blog said that there would be a freebie and discount on the overlays, so I was really looking forward to that.

Any idea what happened?

Vendula řekl(a)...

Hi, thank you so much for your interest about my design. I send the newsletter right now wiht all Calendar products together. Thank you again.