Calendar 2014 Quick Pages

 I have a lot of Calendar Quick Pages for you.
All come in English (in 2 weekly format : monday-sunday, sunday-saturday) and Czech.

please email me if you want to use my Calendar products for your photography bussiness.
All my calendars templates inc. Calendar 2014 collection are available for you bussiness NOW.
Please email me vendula.sediva(@) if you want to use any of my templates or purchase them in the shop. 
All Quick Pages are available for Photography Use with special licence.
I´m sure that your customers´ll love those calendars with your awesome photos.

Calendar 2014 Quick Pages I. - English Color / White    //      Czech Color / White
Calendar 2014 Quick Pages II. (with daily names) . - English Color / White    //      Czech Color / White

Cluster Pack IV. and Weekly Calendar in Czech Color / White

 Please email me if you need different print format or use any other language.

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Have a wonderful days!

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